Attractive appearance

Exposed spiral duct is attractive and is frequently specified by architects because of its superior aesthetic appeal.

Paintable Spiral duct can be finished to blend in with, or stand out from, the indoor environment.

Economical to install 

The unique attributes of Spiral duct can reduce installation costs:

Easier to install through and around structural framing
Longer spans reduces installation operations and the number of connections and hangers required
Connections are made quickly and easily, and are easier to seal.

Lower cost of ownership

Spiral duct reduces upfront and operating costs:

Low air leakage, optimal airflow characteristics, and less pressure drop allow smaller and more efficient air moving equipment Inherently stronger, allowing the use of lighter gauge, less costly metals

Efficiently manufactured from strip steel to any diameter
Spiral duct’s smooth interior traps less dust and is easier to clean

Many options and accessories

Spiral pipe provides a solution to almost any system design requirement:

Manifold ducts efficiently handle complex distribution requirements and reduce installation time and cost
Standard components for every application, such as gored and die formed elbows, tees, laterals, pant wyes, reducers, rectangular to round transitions, pick-up hoods, blast gates, cleanouts, access doors, diverters, and many more

Custom components can be engineered for any purpose or specific application

Available in many materials

Spiral pipe meets a broad range of applications:

  • Galvanized G60-G901

  • Paint Grip A-601

  • Poly-vinyl coated1

  • Aluminum 3003 H-142

  • Stainless 304 or 3163

  • Aluminized Steel

  • Copper

  • Low/High Pressure Defined

  • Product Selection Diagram

  • Elbows

  • Reducers

  • Couplings

  • Starting Collars

  • End Caps

  • 45° Boot Saddles

  • 45° Laterals

  • 90° Boot Saddles & Tees

  • 90° Shoe Tap

  • High Efficiency Takeoff

  • Air Intake Hood

  • Roof Jack

  • Spiral Pipe

  • Pant Wye’s

  • Quadrant Dampers

  • 90° Register Saddles

  • UFO Head

  • Warm Air Head

  • Ceiling Head

  • Rectangular Duct

  • Volume Damper

  • Plenum with Cap

  • Filter Rack

  • Access Panels

  • Installation Accessories

  • Slips & Flat Drives

  • Sheet Metal Gauge Construction

  • Longitudinal Seams

  • Duct Reinforcement